Candidature spontanée: expérience en gestion de projet, formation en Relations Internationales | Mr | 29

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Candidature spontanée: expérience en gestion de projet, formation en Relations Internationales

- Looking for a challenging environment to become an analyst in global and strategic issues

- Experience on the private sector: 6 years as a technical engineer: design, calculation, advise and project management

- Curious, strong learning aptitude, flair for numbers, conceptualization and execution


-> IRIS SUP' - School of the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs

Strengthening geopolitical knowledge and understanding of international issues such as: Regional emergence in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Conflicts and regional instabilities, cyber-conflicts. Energy security. Demography and migrations. Global warming. Power players: United States, Russia, European Union

-> INSA Lyon - Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Lyon

Graduated in Mechanical Engineering, specialization in mechanical design. Engineering sciences : Mathematics, physics, chemistry, mechanics

Two years on international section "AMERINSA",Frrench and Latino american students

Expériences professionnelles: 

Six years experience in the Private sector: Project manager at NTN-SNR Roulements

-> Mission: Project manager, Product development

- Before order: Responsible for the technical proposals and calculations, as well as coordinating a team to prepare the technical and commercial offer

- After order: Responsible for ensuring the QCD commitments, follow-up of the project risks and the corrective actions, and ensuring project progress in accordance with clearly identified milestones. Coordination of the project team, meeting preparation and writing the meeting-minutes. Follow-up of the prototype activities, from launching to delivery at customer facilities.

-> Project management: team coordinator for the development of new products. Familiar with lean tools such as 5S system, Obeya managerial planning, key performance indicators (KPI's), Why-tree analysis. Took part in steering committees, team and project assessments, weekly team meetings and quality reviews.

-> Handling of the technical actions for numerous customer accounts, variable in size and priority.

-> Oral presentation skills as a result of my frequent business trips.

Langues pratiquées: 
French, Spanish, English
Commentaire libre: 

Je souhaite mettre mes compétences acquises dans le domaine privé afin de les appliquer dans la coopération internationale et/ou la gestion des risques internationaux. A terme, je souhaite devenir analyste internationale. Cependant, je souhaite acquérir une expérience pertinente afin de poser les bases de ma réorientation professionnel sur le long terme. Je suis particulièrement intéressé pour les pays latino américains, autour des thématiques suivantes: migration et développement, sécurité, résolution des conflits.