Humanitarian programme: managing programmes and projects

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du 28 septembre au 19 octobre 2021, à Lyon

Obtain a diploma at your own pace

This skills-based training course is part of a larger diploma course named Humanitarian Programme Manager (HPM): you will thus be joining a group of trainees attending this entire diploma course. If you are interested in this diploma but unable to attend this several-week-long training programme, please note that we offer the possibility to attend its 5 other modules at your own pace.

By attending this open training course,​ you will know:

  • How to choose and apply appropriate tools to manage all stages of the project cycle in humanitarian contexts. 
  • The purpose of the Project Cycle Management (PCM) approach, steps and essential tools and methods for PCM, strategic, programmatic and operational levels of humanitarian action. 
  • How to programme strategy building at country level or with a sectorial approach, purpose of planning and assessments in the project and programme cycle. 
  • How to assess methodologies and tools, common quantitative and qualitative data-collection tools for assessments. 
  • How to monitore and evaluate, commonly used quantitative indicator types (rates, proportions etc.) and their application. 
  • The log frame main elements, schedule planning for activities and resources using PERT and Gantt techniques, links with the implementation and Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) steps. 
  • The purpose of monitoring in the programme cycle, differences and links between M&E, evaluation cycle and appropriate evaluation tools. 
  • The main elements of the Terms of Reference for an evaluation, critical thinking on PCM, quality and accountability promotion at all stages of PCM.
15 jours

Is this open training course for me?

Yes it is if you already work or you would like to work as a manager in the humanitarian sector.

mandatory Previous experience in project or programme management. Level of English proficiency: B2 minimum (according to European language levels - Self Assessment Grid)


2 100 €



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