Humanitarian Project Cycle Management | e-learning

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October 29th to November 26th 2020 - e-learning

Whether you have experience or not, this course will allow you to put into practice a methodological approach that is now essential for designing aid projects. You will also discover all the current and essential tools for effective project cycle management on humanitarian fields.

By attending this open training course,​

You will master the methodological approaches and tools that will enable you to design, manage and evaluate a humanitarian project, and more specifically, you will know how to: 

  • Identify appropriate needs assessment methodologies and data collection tools, according to the context and terms of reference
  • Describe the main steps in the design of multi-sectoral programmes and projects (water, protection, nutrition, etc.)
  • Design and use a Logical Framework based on the Logical Framework Analysis
  • Design a monitoring and evaluation framework for the project, selecting the appropriate tools and indicators
  • Choose relevant criteria for an ex-post evaluation (end of project evaluation)
4 semaines

Yes it is, if you meet one of the following criteria:

  • You are currently working with a national or internationational aid organisation and you wish to enhance you knowledge on project management methodology
  • You are an aspiring aid worker aiming at strengthening your understanding of project management methodologies and tools
  • You are currently working in logistics, finance, human resources… and you want to develop a career in humanitarian project management

technical  Attending this e-learning course requires a reliable and high quality internet connection. It requires also a computer equipped with standard Microsoft Office tools (example: pack Office) and with the necessary material to carry out audio and video exchanges. 


Cost: 700€. Early bird fees: 600€. To be eligible for the early bird fees, application must be received no later than 3 months prior to the start of the training. More information about funding opportunities:



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